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The company Bartaruga Investment Srl organizes on the 1st - 2nd  May 2021, the fourth  edition of the event “100km del Caribe NON STOP by Propagas” running race over long distance. The event will take place with any weather conditions. The starting line for the 100km will be at Rancho Francisco in San José de Ocoa and the arrival line at the Hotel Altocerro in Constanza.


The “100km del Caribe NON STOP by Propagas” is a running race on dirt road in a single stage. The event takes place almost entirely on dirt road  at an altitude of 430 m to 2490 m.


Details of the route are given in the website of the event www.100kmdelcaribe.com

START: 5.30AM on Saturday May 1st 2021 – Rancho Francisco in San Jose de Ocoa.
ARRIVAL: Until 5.30AM on Sunday May 2nd 2021 (Time Limit 24 hours) – Hotel Altocerro in Constanza.
LENGTH: 100 km. We remember that the kilometers measured in natural environments are approximate.

VARIATION IN ALTITUDE: +3288 mt  /  - 2520 mt.
MEDIA ALTITUDE: 1460 mt masl.
MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 2490 mt  masl.
MINIMUM ALTITUDE: 394 mt masl.


Starting: 394 mt  masl– Rancho Francisco San José de Ocoa.
Arrival: 1288 mt  masl– Hotel Altocerro - Constanza.


In order to participate in the race, athletes must:

  • Be age 18 and over at the date of the race;
  • To be fully aware of the length, the technical difficulties, the specificity of the various routes and to be physically ready to face it;
  • Have acquired, before the race, a real capacity of personal autonomy that allows to manage the problems created by this type of race, and in particular:
    being able to face, without external help, climatic conditions that could
    become difficult due to altitude (wind, cold, rain);
  • To be able to manage the physical or mental problems deriving from fatigue,
    digestive problems, muscular or joint pains, small wounds, etc;
    To be fully aware that the role of the organization is not to help a runner to manage these issues;
  • To be fully aware that for this activity in a natural environment, the safety depends above all on the ability of the runner to adapt to the problems encountered or foreseeable.


The race is partly self-sufficiency water and food. The Refreshment stations will be provided with food and drinking water. Plastic glasses will not be available at any place of refreshment, for the purpose of drinking runners must be equipped with a glass or other personal container suitable for use. Each runner must ensure that he has at his departure from each refreshment station the minimum amount of water required as mandatory material and sufficient food to arrive at the next refreshment station. 

  • Personal assistance along the route is prohibited. 
  • The presence of the public / family is only allowed in the appropriate areas, reserved by the organization at clearly specified points, CP1 start road to Valle Nuevo Km 13, CP7 El  Convento Km 83 and CP8 Colonia Japonesa Km 95.
  • It is forbidden to be accompanied on the route by another person who is not regularly registered.


Due to COVID-19, registrations will officially open as soon as the dominican government law allows it.

Registrations will close on April 14th.


The maximum number of athletes registered is 250. Individual category 200 and relays 25 couples.


The Registration fees is US$150 per participant and the services included are:

  • Race pack
  • Race bib number
  • Race T-shirt
  • Transport relays to the starting point at La Pirámide
  • Signal on the route
  • Assistance and refreshments along the route
  • Hot meals at CP4 and CP6
  • Place to relax with beds at CP4 and CP6
  • Time keeping
  • Online ranking
  • Final refreshments and pasta 
  • Gadgets from our sponsors
  • Transportation service of bag to CP4 - Km 50
  • Shower Service.
  • Finisher T-Shirt
  • Finisher Medal


To register, please fill in the registration form available on the website www.100kmdelcaribe.com

The registration fees must be paid by: credit card


In no case there is any reimbursement, in whole or in part, of the registration fee. Instead, it is possible to transfer one's registration fee to another name. 

The procedure is only possible no later than April 14th 2021 and after payment of US$10 as a secretarial fee and with the submission of the complete documentation of the new athletes.


Mandatory equipment to be taken with you during the whole race:

  • Mobile phone: enter the emergency number of the organization, remember to start with the battery charged, do not mask the number. In most of the route there is no telephone signal, so we recommend turning on the phone only when necessary to prevent the battery from discharging.
  • Personal glass or cup. The organization DO NOT have any plastic bottles or cups neither for the athletes nor the staff.
  • Water and food reserve (camel bag or water bottle to refill at every refreshment station with at least 1 litre of water);
  • Emergency blanket;
  • Whistle;
  • Waterproof jacket suitable to withstand bad weather conditions in the mountains;
  • Waste bag;
  • Headlamp with spare batteries;
  • Gloves, Hat or Bandana;


The athletes are advised to bring the following equipment with them:

  • Replacement clothing (weather conditions in the mountains can vary unpredictably) and a dry replacement can become fundamental; you can give one (1) backpack to the organization with your change of clothes and will find it at CP4 La Pirámide. The organization will NOT transport more than one (1) backpack per athlete.
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Trail running shoes;
  • GPS instruments with path trace;
  • Running trousers covering the knee (often limiting the abrasion damage due to accidental fall);
  • Energy bars or solid food

The use of trekking poles are permitted, however, is mandatory to hold on them with you for the entire duration of the race. On departure randomly, the mandatory equipment will be checked. The Organization reserves the right to DO NOT LET start athletes who will be without the minimum material required. In the event of particular unfavorable weather conditions, the Organization reserves the right to modify the mandatory equipment, communicating it in due time to the athletes, in order to ensure the safety of participants


To collect the race bib number and the race pack is necessary to have a valid identity document.  It will be handle only to the participant.

The distribution place will be announced closer to the event date.

 The race pack will be given at the moment of collecting the race bib number. 



Two (2) bib numbers will be handled. The race bib number must be placed on the chest or belly and it must be visible in its entirety throughout the run, it must therefore be placed on top of all garments and never fixed elsewhere. The second number will be fixed behind on the backpack. 

Before the start, each runner must pass through the entrance gates to the closed area of the start to be registered. The runner must ensure that he has been regularly registered when passing through a control point and when arriving.

Punching is indispensable because the matching of two successive checks makes it possible to verify that there are no missing athletes. If the athlete fails to register the passage and the organization starts searching, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner. 

The race bib number is the pass necessary to access the refreshment station, showers and all the services made available to the organization.


The time limit to finish the race is fixed in 24 hours. The race timing will be managed by TimingCo.


All finishers will be given a Finisher medal, a Finisher T-shirt and a final recognition attesting the qualification of "Finisher 100km del Caribe NON STOP by Propagas".  

The certificate will be available only for athletes who have reached the finish line within the maximum time and are regularly classified.

Download your Finisher Certificate: www.timingco.net


The rescue points are intended to provide assistance to all athletes in real danger by using vehicles specific of the organization or conventional vehicles. Rescue call points are located at refreshments stations. These places are connected by radio or telephone with the race.


Along the route there will be refreshment stations, where the athletes can find water, various beverages and solid food. Only the athletes with a clearly visible race bib number will have access to the refreshments station. Anyway, there will also be moving refreshment stations every 10k approximately.

CP1 - Km 13 - Start road to Valle Nuevo - Gatorade, water, cookies, fruit.
CP2 - Km 28 - Puente de la Horma - Gatorade, water, cookies, fruit - cut off time
CP3 - Km 35 - En route - Gatorade, water, tea.
CP4 - Km 52 - La Pirámide - Hot meal - cut off time
CP5 - Km 65 - Rancho al Medio Military Park - Gatorade, tea, water, cookies, fruits.
CP6 - Km 73 - Villa Pajón - Hot meal - cut off time.
CP7 - Km 83 - El Convento - Gatorade, tea, water, cookies, fruits
CP8 - Km 95 - Colonia Japonesa / Constanza - Gatorade, tea, water, cookies, fruits - cut off time.
ARRIVAL - km 100 - Hotel Altocerro - Pasta


At the start, at the arrival and along the way there will be placed intermediate check points. 

Failure to pass even one control will result in exclusion from the final ranking. 

Health care, route surveillance and the various services will be guaranteed until the maximum time of each time gates and in any case until the passage of the "END RACE".

The athletes who reach the time gates after the maximum time, will be considered "out of the competition" and they will be able to go to the finish area with the organization. The time gates are available on the pages related to the location of the website. These gates are calculated to allow the athletes to reach the arrival in the maximum times, making any stops (restart, meals, etc.). 

In order to be allowed to continue the race, the athletes must leave the control post before the maximum time limit for the gates. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the race, delay the start, change the route, modify the time gates or cancel the race without prior notice.

CP2 - Km 26 – Puente de la Horma - 877 masl - maximum arrival time 11:30AM saturday May 1st.
CP4 - Km 50 - 2,377 masl - La Pirámide - maximum arrival time 6:30PM saturday May 1st.
CP6 - Km 73 - 2,144 masl - Villa Pajón - maximum arrival time 11:00PM saturday May 1st.
CP8 - Km 95 - 1,200 masl -  Colonia Japonesa - maximum arrival time 4:00AM sunday May 2nd.
Km 100 – Hotel Altocerro - 1,228 masl - maximum arrival time 05.30 AM sunday May 2nd



Every athlete who is in need of medical assistance will be able to do so in the following way:

  • Presenting yourself at an emergency call point;
  • Asking for help from another runner to call the rescue service;
  • By calling the emergency services directly.

Each runner must provide minimal assistance to those who need it during the race but must not move people with suspected fractures and call for help.

Don't forget that:

  • Depending on the conditions of route and the location on the route, rescue may arrive later than you would expect. Your safety will also depend on the material you will be carrying in your backpack;
  • The intervention of vehicles and people necessarily involves a movement of transportation vehicles and momentary variations in the security structures;

Rescuers and medical officers are specifically empowered to stop the race (switching off the race bib number) of any runner who will be considered unfit to continue the race. The athletes will be evacuated by any vehicle reputed.

In case of necessity, for reasons that are in the interest of the athlete rescued, the Official Rescue will be called upon to take over the management of the operations and put in place all appropriate vehicles, including the helicopter. The costs arising from the use of these exceptional vehicles shall be charged to the person rescued. It will be the athlete's responsibility to prepare and submit to his personal insurance company the necessary dossier for a possible refund.


  • In this category 2 people can race changing places at CP4 La Pirámide.
  • The organization will transport the athletes that will be running the second part of the race  from San José de Ocoa.
  • The sum of both times will decide the total time of the team.
  • The winner will be the couple that finishes the 100km in the less amount of time.
  • Teams can be form by women, men or mix.
  • In case of withdrawal of one of the members of the team, the other one will be able to run his part, but will not be in the classification nor will get the finisher medal (No chip).
  • The winner will be the couple that finished the race in the less time.
  • Time limit to finish the race is 24 hours.
  • All the other rules of the race are valid also for this category.


Except in the case of serious injuries, the athlete must retire exclusively to the designated refreshments station. In any case, the withdrawn athlete must immediately return the race bib number to the organization. The retired runner is no longer under the control of the organization. In case of failure to notify the withdrawal of a runner and the subsequent start of the runner's search, any resulting costs will be charged to the runner. The return of  a retired runner from the race to the finish line will take place at the closure of the gate itself.


The athletes not found in possession of even one element of their mandatory equipment will be immediately disqualified. Irregularities detected also by means of video images received by the organization after the race, may cause disqualification. The Jury of the competition may disqualify an athlete, in case of serious failure to comply with the regulations, in particular:

  • Race bib number was not in correct position;
  • exchange of race bib number;
  • failure to pass at the time gate;
  • athletes register as walkers and are found running
  • lack of any or all of the mandatory equipment;
  • use of any vehicle of transport;
  • Departure from a time gate after the maximum time;
  • Doping or refusal to submit to doping control;
  • failure to assist another athlete in the event of difficulties;
  • use of personal assistance outside the allowed points;
  • abandonment of own equipment along the race path;
  • failure to comply with the prohibition of being accompanied on the path;
  • abandonment of waste on the way;
  • pollution or degradation of the place by an athlete or a member of its staff;
  • insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers;
  • refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time during the race.


Only written complaints are accepted within 30 minutes following the posting of provisional results, with delivery of a deposit of US$100 not refundable if the complaint will not be accepted. If the complaint is accepted, the amount deposited will be refunded and the sanctions provided for in the regulations will be applied.


The jury is composed of the executive staff of the Organizer and any persons of the organization involved and convened by its president. The jury is entitled to decide on all disputes or disqualifications occurring during the race in a time compatible with the race obligations. Decisions taken shall be without appeal.


The Path will be definitely marked on the day before the event. It will still be possible to try the route by downloading and following the GPS track available on the event website.


The organization reserves the right to change the route or location of rescue and refreshment stations at any time without prior notice. In case of adverse weather conditions or for other reasons not dependent on the organization and such as to endanger the safety of the competitors, the start can be postponed or cancelled, the route can be modified and reduced, the race can be stopped at any point of the route. The modification, suspension or cancellation of the race will not entitle competitors to any reimbursement of the entry fee.


The topographical map of the route, in its most up-to-date edition, will be available on the official website of the race www.100kmdelcaribe.com. Athletes are encouraged to download and print it. It will include practical information such as the arrangement of refreshments, gate times and route description. Each update of the route map will be published on the official website www.100kmdelcaribe.com. The Road Book  will be given with the bibs to competitors.


The organization shall take out a liability insurance for the duration of the trial. Participation is the sole responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any recourse against the organizers in case of damages and further consequences that occur after the race. It is recommended that each competitor take out a personal and accident insurance to cover any research and evacuation costs.


Will be placed in the final ranking only athletes who will finish the race within the time limit and who will register at the finish line.  Each athlete will be given a medal and a finisher T-shirt.

The first 3 athletes male and female will be awarded. The Relay category will also award the first 3 teams arrived.

Recognitions to the first places male and female of the following categories:
18 - 29 years
30 - 39 years
40 - 49 years
50 and up

All athletes who will finish the race within the time limit can download the Finisher Certificate at www.timingco.net 

The award ceremony will be held on Sunday May 2nd at the Hotel Altocerro in Constanza.


On registration, athletes authorize the organizers to freely use any images depicting athletes during their participation in “100km del Caribe NON STOP”, whether still or in movement, with no territorial or time limits.


The Organizer and its partners respect environmental sustainability in all aspects of its activities. Therefore, all participants and people involved in the event are required to protect the environment. Respect for the legal regulations regarding respect for the environment is considered an essential condition for taking part in the event, with particular reference to waste management, soil conservation, water protection and pollution control. 

It is therefore strictly forbidden to dispose of waste along the way. It is also forbidden to leave the marked track. Anyone who does not comply with the rules will be immediately disqualified and, if the extremes are found, sanctioned by the law enforcement agencies in charge and placed along the track. In addition to being an anti-sportsman behavior, it represents a deplorable environmental behavior in that it causes phenomena of alteration of flora and fauna. Waste generated during the race must be taken back to the valley.


The Athlete is responsible for the ownership and custody of his/her own  bib number, acquiring the right to take advantage of all the services mentioned in these regulations and/or subsequently communicated.

  • Anyone who, without regular registration, participates without a race bib number, in addition to being held liable for damages to persons or property, including himself, will incur sports sanctions falling within the competence of the federal bodies and may be liable to the criminal penalties provided for the offence of "theft”.
  • Anyone who, without regular registration, participates with a false race bib number or in any case not compliant with the assignment, in addition to being responsible as indicated above, will incur sports sanctions and, in addition, may be liable to the criminal penalties provided for the crime of "theft" or, alternatively, for the crime of fraud. 

The athletes participants may be liable to the penalties provided for the offence of "non-compliance with the provisions of the Authorities". 


Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicates full acceptance of the race rules and regulations and any subsequent changes made to them. By registering, participants exempt the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.

The Athlete declare:

  • to have read and consequently know, accept and comply with the “100km del Caribe NON STOP by Propagas“ regulations and any changes and notices published on the site of the event;
  • be aware that participation in this type of sporting event is potentially an activity at risk if you are not adequately prepared and in suitable physical conditions;
  • to be trained and in good physical condition, aware that to register you must be in possession of a valid medical certificate at the time of the event and that it will not be requested in original at the time of withdrawal of the race bib number;
  • to register voluntarily and take on all the risks arising from my participation in the event: falls, contact with vehicles, other participants, spectators or others, death, weather conditions, including hot heat, extreme and/or humid cold, traffic and road conditions, natural and artificial obstacles placed on the route, any type of risk well known and assessed by me.
  • to consider my registration, I, on my behalf and in the interest of no one else, relieving and releasing the Event Organizer of the local organizing committees, Local Municipal Administrations interested in the passage of the event, all event sponsors, their respective representatives, successors, officials, directors, members, agents and employees of the above mentioned Companies, all technical partners, from all present and future complaints or liability of any kind, known or unknown;
  • must comply with the Highway Code / Street Code, in particular in those sections where the route crosses the ordinary road network, which will not be closed to vehicle traffic. 
  • to expressly authorize me to record my image during the course of my participation in the event by television, film, photographic or other means and to recognize the widest right, but not an obligation, to record, reproduce, print, publish and project them, disseminate them, and in any case use them by any means currently known or which will be invented in the future, without any time limit or of any kind, all over the world, also handing them over to third parties for.
  • to have nothing to claim from the organization and/or its assignees, and generally from anyone who uses and exploits its image, being every claim of the Athlete satisfied by the opportunity to take part in the sporting event.

The event “100km del Caribe NON STOP by Propagas” is organized by Bartaruga Srl, in collaboration with our  sponsors, volunteers and supporters.


The website www.100kmdelcaribe.com it is the official information organ of the event, therefore all official communications, all variations and all program changes will be made public on the site. Any postponements of the entries will be announced on the site.


Web: www.100kmdelcaribe.com

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: 100km del Caribe República Dominicana

Instagram: 100kmdelCaribe